A little chess pawn comes to life at the beginning of a chess game. He hardly has time to understand what he is doing there that he already has only one idea in mind: to go unnoticed, escape the game and its useless rules and leave the chessboard to travel the world. For that he must survive the battle. Fortunately, his neighbour, more experienced, is there to give him some advice, but the Little Black Pawn is caught up by his fate, he always finds himself -involuntarily- in the most crucial situations, to the point where he transforms into a Queen to save his team, and his life. While he starts to realise his new powers may help him escape, his hopes are swept aside by the forced and abrupt beginning of a new game of Chess… as a Queen.

What is this story about?

The story emphasizes on the comedy and absurd of the situation.
It is the story of a Little Black Pawn Who tries to escape from his condition but he is caught up by his destiny.